When buying and selling property, you need to make sure that the legal aspects of your sale or purchase are managed by a property solicitor. This will ensure that every aspect of your transaction is legal and above board.

If you are buying or selling a property, now is the perfect time to sign obtain a free no obligation quote from one of our recommended solicitors.

DM & Co. Homes are able to provide you with a conveyancing expert that will make sure all of the complex legalities of your property transaction are covered. All of the conveyancing solicitors we recommend are priced fairly in line with market rates. Using one of our recommended solicitors allows us a direct line of access – as an estate agent fighting your corner this is invaluable. This allows us to provide you with regular updates, allowing you to concentrate on the other aspects of moving home.

Whether you are buying or selling, efficient conveyancing services will make sure that your transaction goes smoothly and is less likely to fall over.

If you are looking to buy a property and would like a like free no obligation quote from one of our recommended solicitors then please call DM & Co. Homes now on 0121 775 0101.