Selling a house with DM & Co.

Selling a house with DM & Co.

June, 2019

Selling your house is often an emotional process – you may have had years of your life tied up in your property and you have decided to move on. You may feel excitement about pastures new; you may feel just a little nervous.

What you don’t want to feel is frustration because your estate agent isn’t delivering.

One of the many things are we are proud of at DM & Co is how our clients value our market knowledge. 

All too often, we are asked to value a property, only to discover that another agent has valued it at way over what we believe it should be marketed at. The inflated price may flatter the potential client – who wouldn’t want their home for sale at £50,000, £60,000 or even £100,000 more than they thought it was worth? – but what does it actually achieve?



It usually means a property is on the market for months, with barely any interest, only to see it being reduced and reduced again – often to about the price we valued it at originally.

These delays mean the vendors are unable to proceed with buying a property and they cannot achieve the sale they wanted. They also feel disheartened at seeing the asking price of their house being chipped away.

We’ve lost count of the number of homeowners who come back to us, asking us to market their home after their original agent failed to sell at the over-inflated price.

It’s not just correcting over-valuations that makes DM & Co stand out. Our market knowledge also means we can also identify buyers quickly.

In the past few weeks, we listed a property that had been on the market with another local agent for almost four months. It turned out that the vendor’s spouse had mistakenly signed up another agent when their partner wanted us to list their house, but they were locked in to a contract.

After four months – and no offers – the couple asked us to market the house. We listed it at the same price and in 14 days had sold it at the asking price.

It’s a scenario we see over and again, and our success is borne out by the statistics: we convert 40% of valuations into listings, compared with a national average of just 25%, and we sell 90% of the properties we market. It’s no wonder the volume of our instructions rose by 45% between Q1 2018 and Q1 2019.

While we can never promise that moving house will be stress-free, we can guarantee that our agents’ superlative knowledge of the local market, contacts and honesty, will make the process a hell of a lot smoother.