DM & Co. - Bucking The Trend

DM & Co. - Bucking The Trend

April, 2019

This is a phrase that has been mentioned a number of times to me this month and we do certainly appear to be bucking the trend here at DM & Co.

March has seen DM & Co. launch its Premium brand, a brand aimed to deliver a level of service and marketing for the finest properties that Solihull has to offer that are around the £1m+ price point. I am incredibly passionate about delivering sales at this price bracket, and have significant international experience in this area. I have been excited to use DM & Co. Premium as the platform to enable me to get back into this price bracket. It opens doors, creates opportunities and allows the team and I to scale the business.

DM & Co. Premium is managed out of our offices in Dorridge and has got off to an excellent start. One month in and we have 14 Instructions, interest across the board and some fantastic results with sales already agreed. Some misconceptions of this marketplace include that it is slow, properties don’t move quickly and that you have to sit and wait for your buyers. This is not the case at all and in my opinion is the rhetoric used by agents who lack both proactiveness and transparency. 

In our first full month of the service we saw an excellent example of this -, we took a spectacular property to market at the right price. As so often other agents had given it a higher value as an inducement to lock the purchaser into a long contract period, with the sole goal of getting the instruction. By putting the customer and achieving the best outcome at the front of what we do, DM & Co. approached it in a different way. We discussed strategy and opted to list it just a tiny bit under where we saw it sitting in the market. As a result we achieved 17 viewings, 5 offers and closed at 3% over the guide price. 

The purchasers and other interested parties were also so impressed at the outcome that the customer had received that DM & Co. has garnered further fantastic properties for sale because of their experience of the process. We are always delighted to receive feedback and we were told by those that viewed about how satisfying it was to enter a property that didn’t feel overpriced in the market place having seen so many that are! If a property is presented and marketed to the right audience - proof is in the pudding - it absolutely will lead to offers at the right level, in a timely fashion.

I was stunned last week when I met with a lovely couple whilst viewing a property at £1.25m. They were going to market with a local agent that had given absolutely no advice to them, with no discussion of strategy, pricing it going forwards if it does not sell,, how to get the most out of the property and importantly the marketing of what is of course the biggest asset that they own. In 20 minutes we discussed how I felt that their property should be marketed, I’m currently waiting on tenterhooks to see if this will be our next Premium instruction…….I hope it is as I am incredibly confident in the registered buyers that we have at this level. 

Incidentally, the agent in question had already admitted to not having any pre open market interest, so it was relying solely on press and online advertising to attract buyers. (Surely this is the norm? Don’t all buyers come from online advertising today?) No, no, no - this could not be further from the truth and is a further misconception being broadcast by those who are not going above and beyond for their customers.

Last weekend I was given the opportunity to get a handful of hot buyers through the door of a property that is likely to be marketed at the end of the month. I grabbed this opportunity and after 6 viewings, and 2 offers (at Guide Price) it looks highly likely that we will close that sale out without the internet and indeed no-one at home or watching the paper will know about this. This is real agency; proactive, instinctive and driven to achieve great results for our customers. If you would like to discuss the sale of your property, please do get in touch with me directly and I would be delighted to come and meet you to discuss how DM & Co. would achieve the sale of your property. Until then, over and out from me!

Dominic Murphy

Feel free to fire me an email or WhatsApp me on 07595 903811